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Module 3 – Five Ways to Inspire Students Through Global Collaboration

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  • Working with students from a different culture motivates students – One easy way to connect globally is through e-mail pen pals.  When students write letters to one another, they no longer see writing as a chore.  It is a communication tool that helps students learn about a peer from a different culture.
  • Connecting globally sparks curiosity and independent learning - When a student or pen pal describes something unknown, like a famous cultural site or exotic animals, students have a personal reason to satisfy their curiosity by researching other cultures.
  • It’s easy to incorporate core curriculum lessons into global collaborations - For example, a teacher could require that students use metaphors or write persuasively by trying to convince their peers or pen pals to come and visit.  Tasks that would feel disconnected from the real world feel concrete to students who want to maintain good relationships with their peers or pen pals.
  • It encourages problem-solving – When students want their peers or pen pals to understand what they’re saying and if their writing is unclear, they are more inclined to be more clear.  Teachers say international pen pals create a real audience that students care about, making them more willing to take suggestions, edit and rewrite.
  • Students become more worldly – By connecting with students their own age in very different cultural contexts, students learn to be more open-minded and tolerant of difference.  The strangeness of another place becomes interesting, not threatening.

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